About us

Bogdan D.

Hello! My name is Bogdan D., and my passion is exploring the world around us. You can find a variety of topics on my blog ranging from technology, news, food to lifestyle. This is a place where I challenge the conventional ideas and advice you usually hear.

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I started the blog because I felt I had something different to say. Since then, my ideas have been presented in various media, such as Delo, Dnevnik, Finance, RTV Slovenia, among others.

My career started as a journalist, but I quickly jumped into the world of tech startups. I ran the PR and marketing department at an e-commerce startup where I built trust and excitement for an unknown brand. I was working as a VP of Marketing at a tech startup. I also taught about lean startup at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. In 2023, Start:up Slovenia magazine named me a technological titan.

After five years in startups and technology, I always came back to my work at the university. Every day I spoke to the people we helped. I knew every day that the issues I focused on were important. The work wasn’t always the most efficient, but it made sense. I began to realize that I wanted to be a part of something bigger.

I currently live in Ljubljana, in the best apartment, with the best partner. Although I have a soft voice, I am unusually opinionated. For me, the most interesting point of conversation is the one that makes us uncomfortable, and that’s where I write. New here? Get ready and familiarize yourself with my work.