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Easily Share Files and Directories with Dropbox’s Public Directory


After reading this Lifehacker Article, I was convinced that similar functionality is possible in Linux. turns out I was right. Here’s a script you can add to .gnome2/nautilus-scripts to add the same functionality without having a program constantly running in your system tray like is required for Windows users. further more, my script will zip a directory before copying it to Dropbox, so no need to right click each file individually if you want to share a whole directory. If you’re not sure how to get it set up, here are instructions:
open Accessories, Terminal
cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/
wget http://stormdragon.tk/scripts/share-with-dropbox.sh
chmod 700 share-with-dropbox.sh
Now, you can right click any file or directory, select scripts, and click on share-with-dropbox to copy the file to your public directory and have the link automatically placed in your clipboard. This script requires that xclip be installed. From terminal:
sudo apt-get install xclip
enjoy, and I hope you find this useful.